lotolle asked:
How is everything you draw so amazing?

///ㅅ/// Thanks ehehe

익명 회원 asked:
I bet you've got this question a lot of times, but what drawing program do you use when drawing digitally? btw, I really like your art! (๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑)

always use photoshop cs5. thanks :3

mikururu asked:
Wah your art is really beautiful, it inspires me a lot! I hope my art can develop as nicely as your one day...! (●´□`)♡

you can do it ㅇㅁㅇ)9 fighting!

s-dayoung asked:
이제 막 텀블러&트위터 시작하는데 팔로우해도 될까욤...?

네 편하게 팔로주세욤!

rayngo asked:
ahhh ; u; I love your art! I hope to be able to have skill like yours at some point!! I have such a hard time finding inspiration and think im terrible at fan art! Where do you find inspiration? also do you have an instagram? If not you should make one! <3 Id follow you!

thanks<3 mainly inspired by music! and other people’s pictures. i haven’t instagramㅠㅠ

doedeers asked:
ahhh i'm glad i found your blog your art is so beautiful!! i'm even happier now because i saw you said you wanted to become a game director in an old question post and i want to be one too! keep up the awesome work! ;3;

you too?! oh a pleasure! but in these days work other haha. thanks<3